Fields of Application

  • Geriatric provision for immobile people in the stationary sector
  • As basic provision in care and senior citizen homes
  • For hourly sitting in a wheelchair
  • As a pushing wheelchair for regular trips of stationary users


  • Graduated seat and back adaptation in small steps stabilises the sitting position
  • Many implementation possibilities in stationary care due to quick adaptation to changing users and hygienic equipment with washable covers
  • 2 back versions, available with a firm anatomically moulded back or with adjustable back belt
  • Easy adjustment of head rest, arm rests, leg supports and foot plates
  • User weight up to 120 kg


  • Handrim drive
  • Pressure brake
  • Back rest up to 30° variably adjustable
  • Head rest height, depth and angle adjustable
  • Arm rests can be folded down or swivelled away, and are height adjustable
  • Leg rests elevating and lockable, swivel-away and removable
  • Foldable for easy transport in a car


  • Brake lever extension, attachable
  • Heel loops
  • Shoe fastening strap
  • Lateral hip cushions to make the seat narrower
  • Seat belt
  • Therapy table plexiglass, optionally adjustable
  • Spoke guard
  • Crutch holder
  • Accessory net
  • Drumbrake for attendant

Eurochair 2 Polaro

Extended back

Eurochair 2 Polaro

Hand-rim propulsion

Eurochair 2 Polaro

Leg rests angle adjustable, can be locked into place, swing-away and removable

Eurochair 2 Polaro

Ergonomically formed seat cushion

Seat width 430 480
Width ready to go 650 700
Width folded 320
Seat depth 430 460
Seat height front / ear 440 - 520
Overall height 1,050
Back height 500
Arm support height 210 - 260
Length with footrests 1,090
Length without footrests 880
max. Client weight 130 kg
Empty weight min. 17,5 kg
Permitted overall weight max. 155 kg
Transport weight 12
Rear wheel 600 (24")
static stability
(also with tightenend brake)

Dimensions in mm, Weights in kg, Speed in km/h, Tolerance ± 10 mm

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