MYCampus – a new era of learning

Welcome to MYCampus, your hub for comprehensive learning and practical assistance in the field of mobility for manual and electric wheelchairs - by MEYRA for healthcare professionals.

Here, we combine the best of two worlds: from in-depth workshops featuring renowned experts to deepen and expand your knowledge, to short, concise how-to videos providing quick guidance for minor repairs or adjustments to our wheelchairs.

Immerse yourself in our fascinating array of profound in-person as well as online seminars, specifically designed to enhance your expertise and introduce innovative concepts through internal and external speakers. Simultaneously, we offer short how-to videos to assist you swiftly and effortlessly in making minor adjustments to your wheelchair independently.

MYCampus - a new era of learning and practical support for enhanced mobility.

Discover a variety of high-quality workshops led by renowned speakers.

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These informative guides provide you with a taste of the practical content awaiting you in the KISSS system.


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