A day with Katarina

The 22-year-old professional swimmer from Serbia lives with her parents in Enns, Austria. Following a swimming accident in 2015 she is dependent on a wheelchair. But giving up was never an issue for Katarina. She has remained true to her passion - swimming. She trains four times a week. Her positive charisma and contagious zest for life are inspiring. When not in the water she enjoys styling herself, and her hobbies also include shopping. We accompanied Katarina for a day and spent many enjoyable hours with her. And always there with her was her MEYRA Nano - a rigid-frame wheelchair that copes with anything, come what may.

MEYRA - Katarina

My motto: You only live once

MEYRA NANO – The new generation of active wheelchairs

The Nano is a rigid-frame wheelchair with an open frame concept - stylish, sporty, compact. Utmost stability with low tare weight. Adapted down to the last detail for unique driving characteristics and comfort. Loading has never been easier: Fold down the backrest and dismantle the detachable side panels and drive wheels - that’s all there is to it. The compact frame fits almost everywhere in the car, even in a convertible!

Discreetly set in scene

With the open frame concept, the Nano presents a particularly clear, reduced design. When it comes to individuality, it’s up there among the top players: The colour of the frame, side panels, footrest and wheels can be adapted, enhancing the sporty character all the more. Make the Nano your unique companion and give it your personal look.

Style-Conscious like me. A perfect match for my styling - strikingly inconspicuous!

Color highlights

A range of different frame colors gives you great freedom of design. Whether conspicuous, neutral or discreet - the sky’s the limit. Side panels and footplate are painted in frame color, with an individual choice of color available as an option.

Castor wheels

Solid rubber castor wheels with aluminium rims are optionally available in trendy Xtrend colours. The frog legs are available in silver, black, orange, red, blue and white.

Drive wheels

Besides the standard drive wheels, the Xtrends Aktiv wheels are available in blue, red and gold. Lightweight magnesium wheels are available in metallic blue, red, orange, black and white.

Color Configurator - Choose your color

The color configurator may not show the true nuances of the finished paint. Color deviations to the finished product are possible.

MEYRA NANO - Magicblue
MEYRA NANO Magicblue
MEYRA NANO Magicblue Matt
Magicblue Matt
MEYRA NANO Blaumetallic
MEYRA NANO Blaumetallic Matt
Blaumetallic Matt
MEYRA NANO Lilametallic Matt
Lilametallic Matt
MEYRA NANO Crossorange
MEYRA NANO Redmetallic
MEYRA NANO Redmetallic Matt
Redmetallic Matt
MEYRA NANO Kupfermetallic
MEYRA NANO Braunmetallic Matt
Braunmetallic Matt
MEYRA NANO Mattschwarz
MEYRA NANO Tiefschwarz
MEYRA NANO Downtown Grey
Downtown Grey
MEYRA NANO Titangrau
MEYRA NANO Signalweiß
MEYRA NANO Signalweiß Matt
Signalweiß Matt
MEYRA NANO Greenmetallic
MEYRA NANO Greenmetallic Matt
Greenmetallic Matt
MEYRA NANO Designtipp

Anything but "off the shelf"

Excellent driving characteristics

The Nano off ers a variety of adjustment options for optimum adaptation to your own requirements. The easy handling distinguishes it especially when the going gets tight. The advantage of the personally adapted rigid frame: Agility and precise manoeuvring - getting you where you want to be fast.

Confident and secure

The Nano is extremely durable and robust. Optimum wall thickness and a high-quality castor wheel connection promise a durable wheelchair in which you can place your unreserved trust.

Just switch off and drift - with the Nano i've got a safe and reliable partner by my side!

Technical data

Dimensions in mm, weights in kg, wheels in inches, speed in km/h, dimension tolerance ± 10 mm, Data subject to design changes

with wheel camber in degrees / mmmin. 490 / max. 690
SW +170
min. 540 / max. 740
SW + 240
Seat height at front edge (FSH) in mmmin. 450 / max. 530
Seat height at rear edge (RSH) in mmmin. 350 / max. 510
Total height in mmmin. 600 / max. 970
Back strap height in mmadjustable by +/- 15 each
Back height in mmmin. 250 / max. 450
Seat width in mmmin. 300 / max. 500
Seat depth in mm380 – 500
Frame, short, in mmmin. 760 / max. 840
Frame, medium, in mmmin. 800 / max. 880
Frame, long, in mmmin. 840 / max. 920
Permissible total weight in kgmax. 145
max. user weight (incl. additional load) in kg130
Empty weight in kgmin. 9,5
Transport weight in kgfrom 6,5
(without side panel, seat cushion, drive wheels)

Questions and Orders

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