The MEYRA E-Learning concept for specialized trade and therapists

We would like to offer our customers a simple, motivating and interactive web training which is technically easy and comprehensible for the users.
At this point we will show product-related videos so it is easier to understand the products of MEYRA. The start of the concept is made by our new product “MEYRA Adjust”.
The "Adjust" is a tool that allows you to provide the best possible service to your customers. It is also intended to offer consumers the opportunity to experience the benefits before purchasing an individual wheelchair.

For this purpose we have developed a chair which is able to standardize the wheelchair adjustment. This eliminates the risk in connection with measurement errors and thus also the financial risk.
In particular with a fixed-welded wheelchair no changes are possible and a measurement error makes the wheelchair absolutely useless.
In case of consultations or adjustments, patients can only be informed about the advantages of an individual wheelchair.
The consumers cannot try out them themselves. Customers can test drive a customized wheelchair to experience the advantages over the old wheelchair itself.

Seat height front and lower leg length infinitely variable

Brake perfectly adaptable to any wheel position

Back height infinitely variable

Wheel position and seat height rear variable in 15 mm increments


Nano Video

Adjust Video

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